Saturday, June 27, 2009

I am a mark!

Chris and I have been talking for a few months about adopting another dog while I'm at home until I go back to work "properly". It's the perfect time, since we're not really counting on another time in our lives when I'm not working a 40 per hour at week (at least). And goldens, while miraculous, wonderful dogs, are also bright, mischievous animals and require supervision for most of their lives, be it when they are puppies or when they're seniors.

I love my new non-corporate lifestyle, though it is starting to bore me sometimes during the day when I'm too restless to read and there's no tasks to do and I wander around the house, gravitating to the office to play Mafia Wars on Facebook.

Useless, I am. Just like Yoda would say.

So, with another golden, I will have my hands very full.

Our newest charge is coming tomorrow at 9AM, apparently. While officially we're "just" fostering, we'll be adopting her if she meshes with Dante. Dante is our first priority--we made a commitment to him about 5 years ago and we have to make sure he is OK with having a baby sister before we can officially adopt another golden retriever.

Ordinarily, the rescue organization restricts contact between adoptive and surrendering families, but they really trust this family. And this family really cares about where their dog gets placed, which tells me a lot of good things about the family. So tomorrow I will await to receive them, and keep my fingers crossed that my insane animal doesn't embarrass us.

Maybe while I disinfect his old kennel for her and pick up the yard tomorrow AM, my wonderful husband will walk Dante to wear him out? (Thank you Evan, for this idea!) Though, on his new vitamins, Dante is more energetic than ever.

Wow, 2 golden retrievers, if it works out. The testosterone/estrogen balance in the house will finally be balanced.

I am honestly a little stunned and nervous at the thought of another dog in our home.

To the left, this is a picture of one of Dante's "birthday" celebrations where he nabbed the cupcake from us--and you can see the crumbs flying.

We celebrate his birthday on the day we got him from GRRH, which is the day after my birthday, not-so-coincidentally.

Though--I did not buy the $600 Dyson Animal vacuum for nothing, after all. :)

I told Dante this may be his last day as an only child...stay tuned to see how this all works out and keep your fingers crossed for us!

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